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Updated 02/06/2013

 Smiths H14 Pictures

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Parnabys Restoration


Scorton 2009  

  Dorset 2012

RH120 crushed

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Restoration Update

D7 Burst in to life

Euclid restoration begins

Pickering Steam Rally Pictures 2009 and 2010

Hills of Botley




News and Events in 2016

Ackworth 23rd-24th April 2016


New arrivals

Foden Dump Truck


See the latest Cat D9D vidieo on U Tube

New Dorset pictures uploaded feb 2013

See the Rotinoff s pulling CAT D8 at Pickering


Wynns Renown Contractor Tractor Pulling At Pickering



Elliott s Hywayman out for a run in the snow



Cat 627 scraper in action

The little and large show move over mini 


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 14th June  1400-1600

13/14 September 1400-1600 




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Rotinoffs pull cat D8 at pickering show

see news/pickering 2010 pics

John Wynn reunites with Falklands work horse

see news/S24 page 

See video clips of some of the  collection at


                  Pickering 2010





Sunters Rotinoff grounded on the notorious Layerthorpe bridge in York





 Spotted Out and About

Cat 777 transported

updated 28/7/12

Wide Load being loaded

What's New

Girder Trailer Arrives











Plant Restored

Plant under Restoration

Plant Awaiting Restoration

Smith 28 Face Shovel

Euclid 15TDT 23sh Tractor Motor Scraper(twin engine)1953

Smith Super 10

Avelin Austin 99H Grader

Cat 1947 D7 with scraper box

Smith  H 14 Hydraulic Digger

Cat D6D Bulldozer

CAT D9D 19A 

Cat D6B Bulldozer

Cat 955 Tracked Shovel

Euclid S7 Scraper

Avelin Barford RD15 Dump Truck

New Arrivals!!!

Priestman Wolf Crane

Smith 26 Crane

 Euclid R22 Dumper

Priestman Beavor Hydraulic Digger

22RB Crane

 Terex 8230B Dozer

Priestman Tiger Face Shovel

Scammell Himalayan Dump Truck

Terex 8250 Dozer

Priestman Wolf Truck Discharger

Priestman Mustang 120

 Terex TS8 Motor Scraper


Priestman 220

  Cat 627 Motor Scraper


Priestman Wolf Dragline  

Cat 631 Motor Scraper 

Priestman Tiger Dragline  

Cat D8R Dozer 

Priestman Lion Crane x2  

 (John s) 22RB Dragline

(John s) Priestman Wolf 

(John s) JCB 3C111  1976



(John s) Priestman Mustang 120



 Komatsu D41S tracked shovel 







Trucks Restored

Trucks under Restoration

Trucks Awaiting Restoration

Diamond T (Wynns)

Scammel Super Constructor (Sunters)447

Scammell Super Constructor (Pickfords)

Rotinoff Atlantic (Sunters)

Scammell Crusader Tow Truck

Scammell Contractor (Pickfords)

Rotinoff Super Atlantic (Parnabys)

Heanor HHT 4with Cat Engine

Scammell Mountaineer

Scammel Junior Constuctor (Sunters) Sharron

Atkinson  with bonnet one of only 3 ever built (Sunters)

Scammel S24 (Curtis)also ex Falkland islands

Scammell Contractor (Scotts) originally Wynns

New Arrivals

Scania 141

Scammell Highwayman (Elliotts of York)

Scammel constructor

( Hills of Botley )

Atkinson Leader 6x4

Scammell S26 (Wynns) Prince Harry

Foden S40

Atkinson View line  (x2)

Scammell S24 ex steel works with 1 inch plate Protection Over Cab

Belaz dump truck

Scammell S26  Econofrieght truck  (Evening Star)


Kraz 255



Antar (Army)



Antar (Elliotts of York) 



Foden Dump Truck 



Foden S24 8 Wheek Tipper